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Medicinal Botanical Drinks Made With Natural Ingredients

Flora Beverage Co. Ltd. in Calgary, Alberta, custom manufactures, packages, and distributes botanical drinks and mineral beverages. Utilized for its medicinal benefits, our drinks are made from the best, all-natural ingredients. Each case of our drinks costs $146.40. One case contains six 32 oz. glass bottles and weighs 23 lbs.


Hoxsiac is a proprietary herbal drink containing an infusion of 10 botanicals in purified water. Based on the work of Harry M. Hoxey N.D. and Rene Caisse, we created a new formula that combines the best characteristics of the two existing preparations. Both pioneers believed iodine was dwindling in the soil and the food supply, so an iodine supplement was recommend by consuming iodine-rich foods and plants, like kelp. Our herbal preparation is rich in iodine and utilizes only the best botanical ingredients made by a master craftsman.

Hoxsiac Packaging

Mojave Nectar Packaging

Mojave Nectar

Mojave Nectar is an herbal drink containing a large number of botanical ingredients, including yucca schidegra. The yucca plant is a tall, flowering plant with sturdy fibrous leaves. Native Americans in the Southwest have used every part of the plant for various purposes, from eating and used as a sweetener to adding to clothing or used as soap. Yucca extract is widely used in dry form and is available in capsules or tablets. Our Mojave Nectar features the liquid of the yucca plant essence with a pleasant bitter taste.

Essex Botanical **currently out of stock**

Essex Botanical is an herbal preparation containing purified water, burdock root, sheep sorrel, slippery elm bark, and turkey rhubarb root. Mixture originally created by the Ojibway Indian Nation in Ontario, it was refined and used for more than 50 years by Rene Caisse, a nurse in Bracebridge, Ontario, to care for the well-being of her fellow human beings.

Essex Botanical Packaging